Welcome Message

We wish you a pleasant and meaningful visit here with us at The Bible Church.

If you are wondering “Who on earth are these people?” and “What do they do?” we hope the information on this website will be useful in answering some of your questions.

We are A COMMUNITY – Come STAY with us!

In a society that is increasingly fast-paced and superficial, we seek to be a community where members get and stay connected with one another and with our Maker. We desire to bless and be blessed, to know and be known, as well as to give and receive from one another. We hope to be a place that provides rest for the weary, encouragement for the discouraged, healing for the broken, and a home for the lost. Whether you are a follower of Jesus Christ, or are still searching for God, please be assured that you are welcome to stay with us. It is our desire that you stay and enjoy this community.

We are on A JOURNEY – Come GROW with us!

At the same time, we are mindful that we are not perfect. Hence we are on a journey – a journey to discover and grow in our relationships with ourselves, with other people, and most importantly, with our God. We believe that we are on this journey together, which makes it a lot more fun, exciting, challenging and purposeful. Thus, if you are looking for friends for this journey of discovery and growth, we welcome you to do so with us. May you find true faith, hope and love in this process.

If there is anything you need or would like to contribute to, please feel free to contact us. Once again, welcome to The Bible Church! We are delighted that you are able to join us, and we hope that you will stay and grow with us!

Pastor Beh Soo Yeong