Youth Ministry – Teenacity

Hi folks, welcome to our church’s youth ministry page!


People know us as Teenacity (Tee-neh-see-tee), but we are really just a bunch of ordinary young people brought together by our extraordinary relationship with Jesus. You will find us gathering weekly on Saturdays to sing songs, listen to talks about our faith and share our lives with one another. All these help us to know Jesus a little better and enable us to follow His example in being real, compassionate and hopeful in a world full of doubt, fear and pain. It is this message of life in Jesus that we long to bring to all who are around us. Hence, we firmly believe that knowing Jesus and entering into a relationship with Him is a special experience. Join us and let us show you how ordinary youths can lead an extraordinary life!


Our Mission: “We seek to be an intentional disciple-making community that grows systematically, serve passionately & reach out intentionally.”


To grow systematically, Teenacity (the Youth Ministry) is organized into clusters and each cluster comprises of various Discipleship Groups (DGs).

A Discipleship Group is a small group consisting of youths who are of the same age and gender. Each group is led by an older person and in this group we learn to trust one another despite our differences, encourage each other through the ups and downs, and watch out for one another. We also share about our joys and struggles, pray for one another, and study the Bible together.

Each year, we learn about one or two books of the Bible during the Teenacity Service and we would discuss how to integrate these truths into our lives during the Discipleship Group time after the service.

We also grow closer together as a youth ministry through fun events such as Rolling Good Times (sports, telematches etc), cluster outings (rock climbing, picnics, cycling etc) and the annual Youth Camp in December.

If you are new to church and Christianity, we would like to encourage you to take part in a Discovery Group or join the Youth Alpha course. These are two separate platforms that could help you learn about the Christian faith and allow you to ask any questions you may have. Do let us know if you are interested and we will walk you through it  🙂

Weekly Saturday Program
3.00pm Teenacity Service
4.30pm Community & Refreshment Time
5.00pm Discipleship Group Time
6.30pm End


To serve passionately, our youths are involved in service areas such as Worship, Welcome & Hospitality (WAH), Discipleship Group Leading, Outreach and Creative Media.

Learning to serve is an integral part of growing as a follower of Jesus. Thus, every youth is encouraged to give of his or her time, energy and talent to help out in some way. In essence, we are taught to place the needs of others before ourselves and to live out our beliefs in practical ways.



To reach out intentionally, our youths are learning to bless the local community through community involvement projects (eg. helping out at children’s homes and old folks’ homes, distributing food with a soup kitchen) and reaching out to less privileged communities abroad by going on mission trips.

As individuals, we want to be both intentional and authentic in the way we relate and connect with the people God has placed us in our lives. As a ministry, we want to impact the community locally and globally. We are excited to partner Jesus in blessing people all around!

In a nutshell, Teenacity is about…

Encountering God through our Weekly Celebration Services.

Experiencing One Another through our Discipleship Group Time.

Engaging the World through the Good News and Good Works.

Youth Leaders:

Patrick Chan Yin (Assistant/Youth Pastor)
Ernest Tan (Chairman)
Eugene Low (Treasurer)
Martin Chong (Worship)
Jeannette Ong (Outreach)
Alicia Low (Outreach)
Cheryl Heng (Welcome and Hospitality)
Koh Zi Wei (Creative Media)
Benjamin Yeap (DG Co-ordinator)
Lim Yu Jia (DG Co-ordinator)
Ernest Tan (DG Overseers)
Melissa Lee (DG Overseers)
Jermaine Liang (DG Overseers)
Hannah Yeap (Asst DG Overseers)
Charissa Lee (Asst DG Overseers)

Please contact Patrick Chan Yin for more information.

Desire to serve? Click here to sign up.