Seniors Ministry


Our vision is of each senior “finishing well in our intergenerational church.”

By “finishing well” we mean “being faithful to God’s calling in ways congruent with our season of life and leaving a legacy of biblical values.” We believe we need to do this together.


You are warmly invited to join us in 2017 for:

  1. A 3rd Third Course (preparing for your future), available on request (minimum group size is 6 persons).
  1. A Seminar / Workshop organized in conjunction with the School of Continuing Education on ‘Leisure, Work & Spirituality’ in May.
  1. The Church Camp from 11-15 June.
  1. An Intergenerational Church Celebration / Song Service on 3 November.
  1. A journey of self-awareness by using the C3A Positive Aging Toolkit.


Mr. Anthony Lim, Mr. Ng King Show, Ms. Noreen Ong, Mrs. Merilyn Mok, Mr. Mok Yue Leong, Mr. Anthony Ho & Asst. Pastor Lee Kok Wah.

If you would like to know more about our Seniors Ministry, please email [email protected]

Desire to serve? Click here to sign up.