Prayer is the lifeline of the believer. We connect with God through prayer. It is like our breathing – never ceasing, yet is so vital for our life and so natural. As such we seek to encourage and equip one another in our prayer journey. We pray privately and we pray corporately.

Besides various prayer groups that meet regularly, several prayer habits are formed as part of our call to pray:

1) Every Sunday, we highlight the needs of the world, the city and the community through the prayers of the people.

2) Once a month, we meet on the last Friday of the month to unite in common prayer.

3) Once a year we embark on a church-wide 24/7 prayer rally, having various individuals and groups sign up for hour-long slots to pray for one another, Singapore and the world.

If you have any prayer needs, please do not hesitate to email us by clicking here.

Your requests will be prayed for by the church staff and will be kept confidential, unless you choose otherwise.

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