Pastoral Care/Rites

Being Cared For And Being Able To Care

Our Objective:

Pastoral care broadly encompasses any care and concern in the context of the church where the flock, made up of broken individuals, is shepherded towards spiritual maturity.

The Bible Church seeks to develop a holistic, co-ordinated and visible approach to pastoral care for the community in the light of the church mission. Specifically, we focus on 3 levels of care: General Care, Specific Care and Professional Care. The intentions are :

  • To encourage the practice of every member care and concern for one another.
  • To actively recruit, equip and release workers for specific care situations such as illness visitations, pre-marital, post-marital and parenting counselling, etc.
  • To link and co-operate with other professional care and counselling agencies for referrals of special needs.

Please contact Ps Danny Ng for more information.


Baptism and Transfer of Membership

Baptism services and ‘Transfer of Membership’ exercises are conducted twice a year (usually during Easter and in October).

Please note the following requirements:

  • Baptism applicants – attend 4 baptismal classes
  • Membership transfer applicants (should be a regular worshipper with the church for at least a year, submit the reason for transfer and salvation testimony) – attend an interview as well as 2 baptismal classes

Download the application form here and submit to church office

Infant Dedication (for members):

We conduct Infant Dedication Service once a year (in November).

Other Rites (for members):

Home Blessing
Office/Clinic/Shop Dedication
Removal of Idols

Please contact Ps Lee Kok Wah  for more information (or if you wish to apply).

Desire to serve? Click here to sign up.