The key to outreach is simply to reach out! The gospel reminds us that the crux of our Christian message begins with a God who first reached out to us! As part of the church disciple-making mandate, we seek to fulfill the church outreach vision in the following:

a) Every member is enabled with skills and empowered with the Spirit to witness winsomely for Christ.

b) Every household in West Coast will experience Christ’s love and encounter HIm through our ministry among them.

So, with these in mind, we will continue to provide equipping, connecting & gospel sharing platforms for members. In line with the church 2018 Vision, we hope to reach out and serve the residents in our nearby residential blocks. In all these efforts, building relationship with every person we come into contact is key.


a) To regularly inspire members to reach out and to provide them with opportunities through our outreach platforms.

b) To regularly conduct evangelism trainings to equip members.

c) To intentionally connect with residents through our community outreach ministries and to provide value-added service to them.

Some of our regular programmes include:

  • Chinese New Year & Mid-Autumn Blessings
  • Small Group Alpha @ Sunday (Apr – Jun)
  • The Alpha Course (Jul-Sep)
  • Christmas Blessing & Outreach
  • Various Connection Events as avenues for relationship building with our pre-believing friends

Please contact Lim Beng Guat for more information.

Desire to serve? Click here to sign up.