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Many of you would know that as a church, it is our practice to study and preach through a book or two from the Bible every year, alternating between the Old and the New Testaments. I thank God for the completion of our study of Proverbs in 2016. Being a very practical book, I hope Proverbs has made us wiser in the way we make choices and live regarding the many facets of our lives.

For 2017, we are studying one of the most theologically profound, thought-provoking and spirit-stirring letters of Paul—ROMANS. Throughout church history, we have read of how different spiritual giants—ranging from Luther to Calvin and Wesley—have been impacted by Paul’s writing in Romans. I pray that as we study Book of  Romans, we will be influenced and impacted by it.

My desire is that not only will we be refreshed and gripped by the truth in Romans through the preached Word, we will also be able to read and study this letter for ourselves. As such, may I encourage you to spend time this year to mull over this letter personally. Of course, to be truly candid, it will be tough going for many of us, including those older in the faith, but please press on. Get help from others, and let us encourage each other to persevere in this endeavour.

As we study this letter, may we be reminded and convicted about the gospel of Jesus Christ—that we have been made right in order to live right. Whether you are a young or a long-time disciple, may the Lord reawaken you to the power of the gospel and His glorious grace towards us as we are declared righteous in and through Jesus Christ. May He continue to transform you through the renewing of your mind so that you may be inspired to live no longer for yourself but for Him, in the company of others, to share and live out this gospel in His Name.

Senior Pastor Beh Soo Yeong
Lead Pastor

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